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VBE ITC X1 K2+GEO Ghost Hunting Application APK Download (Latest Version)

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Publisher VBE INC.
Category APPs
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Version 2.1
Size 69M
Price FREE
Requires Android 2.3 and up+

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VBE ITC X1 K2+GEO Ghost Hunting Application APK Download (Latest Version)

This application is intended for use in the Paranormal Field. This application is not for Entertainment purposes. This is a tool and needs to be used as such.

All data collected during the use of this application is subject to the users discretion of being Factual or not.

EMF readings can be tested using metal or a small magnet.

Geo Readings can be tested by tapping near the device or on the device itself.

All calibrations must be set by the user and must be done in a non Charged Environment ( NO Electromagnetic Fields Near the Device ).

1) Spirit input Mouse Control
2) Smaller User Created Group audio
3) New coding for multiple apps to provide greater input

1) EMF Detection
2) GEO Detection
3) Ghost Box Audio ( Reversed and chopped at a rate of 18 milliseconds )
4) Volume Control Effects
5) Volume Control GEO GHOST BOX
6) SCREEN SHOT ( User input )
7) EMF Auto Calibration
8) GEO Auto Calibration
9) EMF Manual Calibration
10) GEO Manual Calibration
11) Help Links ( Videos / LIVE GROUP / Website )
12) Background input ( User Selected Image )
13) Current Time ( Military )
14) Battery Charge Percentage
15) K2 Style Meter
16) Geo Detection Meter
17) 10 apps in one

Applications within the X1 Suite:

1) EMF Visual ITC ( Physical Spirit Input Via EMF Strength )
2) Spirit Text 2017 ( Typing program controlled by EMF )
3) MUSIC BOX ( Trigger object triggered by EMF )
4) Trigger Sounds ( Trigger Object Sounds, triggered by EMF )
5) ITC X1 SAYS ( Simon says style game to play with spirits – EMF Triggered )
6) X1 EMF RADAR ( Compass Based RADAR that detects EMF fields – ORBS )
7) Spirit Detector ( EMF and GEO Visual Input – K2 style / GEO Detection meter )
8) ART BOARD 2017 ( EMF Controlled Drawling and Selection tool – EMF Triggered )
9) GHOST – Tic Tac Toe ( EMF Triggered Game for spirits and User )
10 ) Ghost Alarm ( Proximity EMF Detection Alarm – Used for monitoring areas )

*** HUGE UPDATE 1.6 ***

Added the following:
1) Spirit Input Control over which app they wish to choose
2) New Ghost Pointer
3) User enable and disable of SIC ( Spirit Input Control ) .

” If you have any questions prior to purchasing this application. Please Visit our Facebook group and Tag ( RICKYVB ) in your post! I will be happy to help you.”

Please Download our FREE Sensor tester to make sure your Device works with this app.
LINK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.VBE.SENSORTEST

Lastly, this application is your’s for life. You can install it on all your devices with a one time purchase today. You can also share with your family members as well.

We at VBE INC, are not out to make a million dollars or even become rich. However, the time it takes to develop and app, Test an app in the field and fix any bugs is costly. This is where the pricing comes into play. We have many apps that are FREE or less then $5.00. Those apps where much easier to develop as far as time and effort.

This app and the Master Suites, took months. This is reflected in the prices.

Thank you for your support and the sharing of your Evidence. Every bit of evidence we collect from around the world in our group, Helps with Future Development.

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