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Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: URAL SOUND FM is an Internet radio station where you can enjoy Deep House music live.

Deep House is one of the variations of the House music genre, which appeared in the late eighties, the style of electronic dance music. At that time, “Deep House” is sweet, aimed at positive compositions, where the vocalist takes the first position, and an unusual musical background helps him convey his feelings to the public. A bit later, a stylistic redefinition happened and this direction was called Garage House. A Deep House has a bit of a jungle: jazz, chill house, ambient. It is believed that this techno is not machines, but living people. Deep – something deep, the music fills with mystery, if you do not know what kind of style it is, you can hear it live on URAL SOUND FM.

According to the style, DEEP HOUSE is instrumental, vocals are rarely used, as music is more important in it. For tracks in this genre, female vocals are most often used (if they are present at all), rather than male and robotized. Deep House often sounds soft, a bit melancholic, the rhythm is smooth. In the foreground there is a gentle keyboard play: when it is vague, when (from track to track) it sounds jerky. All elements harmoniously merge in one stream. To enhance the jazz atmosphere, the effect of instant sound flowing from one channel to another is usually added.

Radio URAL SOUND FM is from Perm, from where it is now broadcasting. In good quality, you can listen to fascinating, mysterious melodies on URAL SOUND FM. They do not create an atmosphere of fun and dance, on the contrary, have to calm and pacify. DEEP HOUSE is difficult for perception, not for everyone, but despite this it keeps at a decent level of popularity during the whole time of its existence.

Deep House is founded so that a person can relax, rest, stay in harmony with himself. Music from the first chords envelops listeners, adjusts to relax, immerses in the infinite deep sensuality. This is an atmosphere of mystery and some kind of secrecy.

Live on URAL SOUND FM, listen to both the latest tracks and the eternal hits in the best quality. Due to the absence of unnecessary “hot rotation”, comfortable conditions are created for listening. If you are at work and can not be distracted, listen to URAL SOUND FM, here is only positive music that tunes in ease.

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