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Speccy Spectrum Analyzer v1.6.0 Cracked APK [Latest]

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App Info

Name Speccy Spectrum Analyzer
ID air.spikything.speccy
Publisher spikything.com
Category APPs
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Version 1.6.0
Size 10M
Price FREE
Requires Android 3.2 and up+

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Requirements: 3.2+
Overview: Speccy is an Audio Spectrum Analysis tool, which visualizes the spread of sound frequencies in the audible (and inaudible) spectrum, detected through your phone’s microphone.


Turn your phone into a Spectrum Analyzer. It uses Fast Fourier Transform signal processing and is the only app on the market which also allows you to export audio snapshot data to the clipboard (for plotting in Excel, etc).

Speccy has a number of applications, such as:

  • Assessing environmental noise for health and safety
  • Sound checking venues PA systems and in-car stereos
  • Identifying audio signals obscured to the human ear by noise
  • Testing the microphone on your device
  • Testing signal generators
  • Tuning musical instruments
  • Measuring audio signals just outside human perception. As people age over 20 years, their aural perception range drops well below 21 kHz

Another use case would be to help you get into a safe or combination lock for which you have forgotten the code: Use the spectrum analyzer with your device acoustically coupled to the safe’s dial – for mechanical tumblers only. Turning the dial slowly, you can ‘hear’ when a tumbler drops in, because the spectrum of the sound will be very slightly different than turning one ‘normal’ tick (depending on the build quality of the safe or combination lock). Using this technique you can detect when you hit a correct number and start dialing the other way. Please only do this with a safe you own – we accept no liability for misuse.

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